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Mudratv Entertainment Solutions is the core component of Mudratv. The company is primarily focused on the development of Software Solutions that fuse design thinking, strategy, technology and data to transform Events, Venue Optimization,  Enterprise Technology Driven Ticketing Solution, Fan Engagement, Live Streaming and Artist Development Solutions. The Applications developed by Mudratv are cloud based. Our digital / social platform empowers enterprises with IT solutions to communicate directly with the consumer base and brings your desired brand experience to life.

17 +

Modules of interconnected Products and Applications

Applications built with the latest trends and  technology in the Big Data space

Cloud based Solutions for delivering innovation to the Digital Entertainment Industry

Mudratv enables people to discover about what is going on in the world of entertainment around them. It has developed a suite of software for Event Management and Artist Development which includes 17+ modules of interconnected products. Some of the Products and Applications developed under the Mudratv banner include Mudratv Streaming Services, Technology powered Events, Online Digital Invitations, Technology Driven Ticketing Module, Messaging to communicate to a whole range of platforms and devices. Mudratv builds its applications and products taking  into account the latest trends and  technology in the Big Data space. 


Our unique cloud based log in solution accessed via the internet is a fully configurable event management solution that meets the needs of the Event Management Industry.

Mudratv has created a Profile Platform solution that help users upload entertainment content.

Mudratv is innovating and modernizing the way Events are marketed and delivering innovation to digital entertainment.  

All of the digital solutions developed by Mudratv have a Geo-Tagging feature that help users find a wide variety of location-specific information from any device.

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