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Study shows that majority of fans prefer to watch events from home. It meets their expectation for the ultimate experience, which provides the unhindered connection to social media, the venue, and their team. With Mudratv's streaming services, they control the narrative, from sharing their take on the event in real-time with key moments, to capturing those moments without missing a minute of the action.

Only a relatively small percentage of fans have ever, or will ever, visit a venue for a live event. Most are following on a variety of different media channels, leaving you to do business with only a fraction of your actual “on-premise” fan base

In the digital era, the walls of the venue (stadiums, Theatres, Auditoriums, arenas) are coming down. Physically being inside the venue, used to be essential to the fan experience. With Mudratv's streaming application fans can engage with content created inside the venue, outside of it in many ways. Sports and Entertainment enterprises recognize the expansion of the venue beyond its physical boundaries into the digital world. Venues can now deliver the seamless connectivity and extraordinary experience that today’s fans can expect at home with live event entertainment and much more.
The sport, the entertainment, the event, the game, the event organizers, the artists, the players, the event service professionals and the fans, are the content at the center of the enterprise. Where, when and how that content is consumed – live in person, or live or time shifted thru media channels (traditional, social, digital, mobile) - creates a series of communities of passive or active fans.
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